Friday, September 24, 2010

the morning bee

I don't know whether it has the word "morning bee". I've just thought about that this morning when taking our housemaid to the hospital for caring our grandmom, who is going to be renal aid by using hemodialysis machine (since i knew renal aid really hurt your body, my grandmom became a hero)....

My favorite book these days : Essential Of Psychology.
Sounds poetic and dramatic, but i do believe in "morning bee" when seeing my mother wakes up at 5 in the morning then 1 hour later our breakfast is ready,hotty and spicy. Everymorning when i go outside, there's a flow of "morning bee" in their vehicles, helmets that makes me become a morning bee too with my head looking straight forward and couldn't be able to look back , full of regret like i always did before.

Therefore, everyone is a morning bee when they know how to wake up early, set the breakfast perfectly, iron their husband's shirt, wear him tie, kiss him goodbye and fly for work like a kite. Am i too  much dramatic again or full of optimis again ?

Okey, enough for a morning bee. Now i'm coming for a morning pee. lol.


  1. If there is a morning bee competition, I think my dearest mother would be in the top three, if not win the whole thing!! :)) She's such an inspiration for me. Before I wake up, she's done an amount of work that I wouldn't be able to do in a whole day. :( I really aspire to be like her. But she goes to bed at 8 and wakes up at 4. :( I can't do that.

    Anyway, I like this babe. Keep writing.

  2. Somedays I woke up and felt so energetic that I wanna jump out of my bed immediately and then worked as hard as I could, in these cases i was a truly super morning bee.

    But there're also some days that I cant find any reason to step out of the bed, I just lie there and wish that the world stood still and the sun had never risen. But eventually, it rose and I still had to work, to study, to do silly things that just a day before I had been so enthusiastic for.

    Humh, I guess I'm either so changeable or have some bipolar disorders :P

    Anw, I like this post :)

  3. @HH : your mom and my dad are the same type of early sleeping . But my mom and yours are the same type of super hard morning bee. every mother is a superwoman . Btw i miss your mom's height. She's a real X-men *halo halo* :((

    @Bin : so do i. Then i got bipolar disoders toooooooo :P